GOP Tax Plan: Senators Deliver MAJOR Announcement!


Now that Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Corker are on board with the final GOP tax bill, the Republicans can push for victory in passing the $1.5 trillion tax plan.



From NY Times


WASHINGTON — Republican leaders moved closer to a swift victory on their $1.5 trillion tax plan after one wavering senator, Marco Rubio of Florida, and one senator who voted no on the original Senate bill, Bob Corker of Tennessee, threw their support behind the final bill.


The unexpected support from Mr. Corker, who had opposed the initial Senate legislation over concerns about its impact on the deficit, put the Republicans on the one-yard line in the final seconds of the tax bill debate. Lawmakers plan to vote next week with the aim of getting a bill to President Trump by Christmas.


On Friday, as details emerged about the final bill, it became clear that the agreement would provide slightly more generous tax breaks to low- and middle-income Americans by reducing some benefits for higher earners, one of several tweaks intended to solve the budget problems standing between the bill’s passage and President Trump’s desk, according to people briefed on the final plan.


Source: Maganews